Club News

Table tennis is back starting Sep 24!

This year we will be in the junior gym (small gym) for all our dates.

Masks are required to enter Holy Trinity and anytime you are in the hallway - but they may be removed while playing in the gym

Dec 3 Update:

Happy December table tennis players. As you may have guessed there will be no games tonight due to the new/extended COVID19 public health measures. As of now the next club date is Jan 14th.

We will have then have missed 6 days of play at that point. For players that have paid memberships we will refund part of that fee back to you at the end of the season based on missed days - or if you would prefer a refund sooner please reach out in a private message. Stay safe and we hope everyone has a happy holiday season.

7-9pm Thursday nights @ Holy Tinity HS

2020-2021 schedule rev1.png
Blue dates are tournament days